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There’s nothing better than seeing your pet happy, but sometimes the surfaces they run on can burn or scrape their paws and make them uncomfortable. Veritas Pets Hot Spot Oil soothes and relieves those unavoidable raw patches so your pet can get back to doing what they do best — ruffing life!


With 200 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil per container and other organic ingredients, it’s designed to relieve and sooth raw patches that are commonly found on your dog’s skin.


Contains .3% or less THC — federally legal nationwide. (State laws may vary).

Huile de point chaud CBD à spectre complet

SKU : HotSpotOil
  • Appliquer directement sur la peau irritée. Frottez doucement et massez dans la peau.

    Astuce : vérifiez que votre animal de compagnie n'a pas de puces ou de tiques, car elles sont souvent confondues avec des points chauds.

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