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Veritas Farms’ Sleep Support CBD Tincture combines the benefits of our full spectrum hemp oil with a unique blend of herbal extracts to naturally promote sleep and relaxation. Enriched with Cannabinol (CBN) for advanced sleep support, our CBD sleep tincture encourages healthy sleep cycles and offers a natural alternative for restful sleep.


Same great formula as our Advanced Sleep Support Tincture.

Sleep Support CBD Tincture

  • Add our Sleep Support CBD Tincture to your regular sleep routine and experience better sleep the natural way. Enjoy the calming effects of natural herbal extracts including chamomile, lavender, and lemon balm to ease tension and promote more restful sleep.


    • Created with all natural ingredients including our full spectrum hemp oil to help ease tension and promote better sleep quality
    • Enriched with 60mg of CBN for advanced sleep support
    • Calming chamomile, lavender, and lemon balm extracts promote relaxation and healthy sleep cycles
    • Designed for daily use
    • Great tasting natural herbal flavor with hints of chamomile
    • Easy to take CBD tincture can be added to your nighttime routine to provide you the natural sleep support you need!

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