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High-quality CBD sublingual products designed to help promote a balanced, healthy lifestyle and to support an overall sense of wellbeing.

Each flavor has been infused into MCT oil to bring about soothing effects with a rich flavor to match any mood.

CBD Isolate Sublinguals

PrecioDesde 89,99$
  • Ingredients:
    Pure CBD isolate, MCT, organic natural flavors


    Recommended Serving:
    750mg Bottle – 25mg or 1.0ml
    1500mg Bottle – 25mg or 0.5ml
    3000mg Bottle – 25mg or 0.25ml


    Graduated Dropper in Bottle:
    Each sublingual bottle contains a 1.0 ml graduated dropper to ensure the ability to accurately dose. By using the graduated dropper and the recommended servings on the bottle you are able to understand how much CBD you are taking and precisely dose according to the bottle concentration you have.

    This product contains a total Delta-9-THC concentration that does not exceed 0.3% on a dry-weight basis.

    Store in a cool and dry environment.

To view the Certificate of Analysis for any of our products, click here.

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