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Did you know that CBD terpenes play a considerable role in the success you have with CBD? Have you heard of terpenes? Do you know what they are or how they are any different from the many other active compounds found in cannabis? How can you be sure the CBD oil you have contains them?

The answer to all this starts with becoming an informed CBD user. Here you will learn more about the most common types of CBD terpenes and what they offer.


Even though there are more than 100 terpenes found in different cannabis oil products, there are some that are found in higher concentrations than others. These are found here, along with the benefits they offer.


This is also found in lavender and provides a relaxing aroma that makes it a popular addition to deodorizer and scent products such as candles and potpourri. It is believed to help calm nerves, helps to promote rest, and create a greater state of relaxation. If you are looking for something to help you wind down and get ready for bed, this terpene can do the trick.


This terpene has a peppery and woody scent. While there is limited research on it, there are signs it could be beneficial for those who want to achieve a more positive and calmer mindset. It is also believed that it will help to reduce discomfort related to inflammation.


This is one of the most concentrated and common terpenes in CBD. Myrcene is also what gives mangoes the distinctive scent. It is known to anyone who has tried full-spectrum cannabis that the right CBD products can provide relief from stress or inflammation that may have eluded them. This is made possible thanks to Myrcene.


As the name implies, Pinene is found in higher concentrations in pine trees along with scented products that are meant to offer this distinct pine fragrance. It is also antiseptic, which makes it a great addition to cleaning products. While this is true, in CBD products, it helps to ease discomfort and inflammation throughout the body.


Of all the CBD terpenes found, this is the one that occurs the most outside of hemp, and that is found in both man-made and natural products. It is also responsible for the citrusy zest from fruits, such as oranges and lemons. Like many of the other CBD terpenes, the benefits include a more upbeat and calmer outlook on life, but it is also a powerful cleaning agent and can help relieve stress. Some have even claimed that it can help ease the more intense, psychoactive effects that may occur if you happen to over-consume THC.

If you have never tried CBD products, now is the time to do so. You will find there are an array of high-quality products available to choose from, which ensures you can get the desired relief and results that you need.

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